Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Time Four Tear

NoTime4Tears...was my original shorthand.  Then this typo "four"  became the extension of my thoughts about the 4th R: Reflection and the struggle I have always had with taking the time to slow down and focus. The words in my head always saying there is no time.

A few posts back I reflected on the now missing connections in my day-to-day that I need to fix.  My brain seems to hear that neural integration in the heart of health but when I try to just stop and breathe it literally hurts. 

It is this fourth element of life for which I have had no training and anxiety and fear have dominated. Oddly I do seem to have a strong sense of 'empathy' and it is reflection on what brings me to tears that I think may help me realize that there was true intent by our forefathers use of the phrase 'pursuit of happiness'.  As a book in my Sociology 100 course (not to be confused with The Pursuit of Happyness - a truly awe inspiring memoir story by Chris Gardener)-- what was my take-away? who wrote that slim red covered somewhat controversial book? My memory not revealing much more than shallows. All too common.

Anyway, today my take-a-way is the reach, concurrently, pursuit of happiness as a construct (with readings like this) and a practice (learning mindUp stuff) while developing the elements of MeanWhile (that whole  no linear communication, dramatic presentation idea floating around in my broken brain)  to accomplish what it is I was meant to...of course, before I forget.  (tongue in cheek).

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