Thursday, December 10, 2015

entwined; drafts only

bustle, can mislead as a hustle.
then more 
run with serendipity
and a generosity whose capacity 
expands with age

~ May 2015

My town has them all;
the buffoon, the merry men,
a king, emperor, czar and godfathers 
both old and new school, mannered.

suburban culture, stories awash
to navigate a must at one's peril 
if it is to become home.

~July 2015

We do not have to live our lives forever defined by the damaging things that have happened to us.

25 cents leads to $25 and musing ....A search for insights...metaphors versus reality... Deconstruction as each voice represents unresolved self. Much Q and A among the voices in my head.

Q: If the world is Takers, Matchers, Givers (Give and Take - Adam Grant) ... how does this inform us as storytellers? A: Create empathy for the subject - Humanize the story.

Q: Will this demand a sane reaction to insane circumstances?
A: Depends, who is watching?

Q:What happened to you?
A: Need
~Aug 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Finding the sparkle

I tried to welcome the potential of a new habit today that included, inclusion. Several hours have past yet I remain uncertain.

I did find many turns of phrase connected me to a faint inner light that I have been keeping distant. The poet community appears welcoming, the sharing not totally self-absorbed and an occasional stanza or poem was pregnant with discovery. Most of the work did not feel final but I could sense the revision in some , the striving, the quest for fulfillment and the pleasure of a good line.

Revised a decade after inception with more exacting references, the poem I shared seemed to reach for, and touch, a more visceral place than the others.  As the person owned by the words, the emotions and flow remained tangible. This pleased me.

I am drawn to narrative poems. The mix of metaphor and story that concludes with a better sense of knowing; a hope for timeless results - results that will sparkle in one's toes, mind and soul like a night sky contending with cloud cover.

Will gathering with others incentivize me or push me further away from what I know somewhere within is important for my being; I remain uncertain.