Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Launched YouTube Channel OTPGWPAA

It is challenging to schedule shorts on the Community Access Channel. They can be filler and seen if someone is surfing. So in addition to submitting to WPAA-TV some shorts will be posted on the OntheParadeGround You Tube Channel

There are a few Versions of Blood On Our Hands on this Channel because viewers provided great feedback to improve the piece. The final Remix can be viewed here.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Insight -- that wakes me with a to do list

Seeking informing content for the WPAA-TV 2011 celebration of Free Speech Week Oct 17-23rd has been my latest distraction. The outcomes have been inspiring, at least to me.

Outcomes: Permission to schedule starting in Sept the film Severe Visibility, a dramatization of a theory on 911 events for 911 10th anniversary programming; and from 10.15.11 and 12.3.11 the documentary (Tradesman: Making an Art of Work). This program compliments the celebration of contributions by local tradesmen who volunteered to renovate the 1924 Barn into a Community Access TV studio/Black Box Theater in the face of public naysayers.

In process: An idea. Illustrate the power of alternative media. How: Do a local video capture of opinions and the power of informing those opinion holders with alternate media with an in-house event at 28 So. Orchard St. Open House Event: House Party at the Home of Free Speech serving Hot Coffee with the potential participation in Talk Back of one of my favorite commentator's on media.

  1. Purchased 2 DVDs based on the permissions and prepared Guarantor Paperwork
  2. Locate contact info and used it to reconnect with Prof. Paul Janensch
  3. Started inquiry permissions process for the movie Hot Coffee on Civil Justice which is now showing on HBO. (I highly recommend viewing this work. It informs well. It may inspire you to take action. Stella is a hero. Director Susan Saladoff has a great sense of story. Bravo! This work should be on '50 Documentaries To See Before You Die' which is now showing on Current TV.

October will be busy as the play Cracked Upon a Time will be performed by PIECE Theater at Living Theater Oct 13 - 22. studioW volunteers will be doing video capture of this WPAA-TV partner event. This play was staged at studioW at WPAA in Dec 2010 as the 1st performance event in the new facility to an awed crowd. Another must see.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


What is most scary is the holding of values that diminishes humanity.
The story ..For Hosne Ara by Zahid Al Amin holds so much sadness.
As listeners ...what are we to do with stories that make us cry?

What I can do is assess my values and try in all I do to stay true to them -- knowing that they do not condone such inhumanity. But it does not seem to be enough.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What day is it?

It is more challenging to know what day it is. Yesterday I completed preparation for the ACM-NE Video Festival which I had expected to complete the prior day. The M&M Remix has been completed and is in the mail to SOL. So two things can be checked off as complete. I have enjoyed delving into video editing --- but I need to still the 'voice in my head' saying that it needs validation. I have six submissions, all technically challenged. If content is truly king and creativity gets points... maybe there will be some validation in these efforts.

There is still too much clutter in catching up with the last decade of undone. So back to clutter diving I go...

Friday, August 5, 2011

Now on SuleKha

Well my idea has been kickstarted with registration on Sulekha.com , the 2002 tiling project is complete and looks pretty nice, the re-edits are done for DryDock Music Festival and adding the B-roll truly adds to the story.

As the stock market is in chaos I have put Dad stuff off again. I have also deactivated my Unemployment claim -- and will revisit in Dec if needed.

Yesterday found some yang to my ying. My cholesterol numbers improved immensely due to diet: less cheese and add nuts. Unfortunately that yielded 5 cavities. I never anticipated nuts would be a teeth health risk.

I will be doing a challenging edit today, deciding what may be worth submitting to a video festival and trying to deny the existence of this poison ivy. I know I will not succeed with all three.