Sunday, December 9, 2007

the most beautiful lessons are plain to see

As I start sharing words in this public space I am reminded that words have been gifts of insight and love. To all, beyoutiful.


lis'in up you hear, the most

beyoutiful thin' in this h're world

is yuz bein' yuzself.

My pappy taught me this h're

iz d'truth. Pappy he done knows

many thin'z 'bout fiztin' up

an' maken' thin's do

what thay waz meant fur.

But, like he says, fitzin' what wuz

broke in him wuz the key.

I'm here to tell you

that man was ugly to look at

but he was beyoutiful.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Knowledge is...

Knowledge is dangerous. Or is that incorrect, is it liberating? Is knowledge the ticket or can it be a straw that breaks the camel’s back?. Pithy sayings work in context and fall flat otherwise. Knowledge is it the bite of the Apple and the Fall of mankind. Is it product to be managed or an asset… or a lifelong pursuit? Imagination is more important than knowledge. Einstein already posited that. Others such as Goethe declare its value is in its application

Is there a growing conformity as posited by Jung or is that a conspiratorial theory. This ramble started with a conspiratorial spiral – the echo of a President repeating Knowledge is dangerous.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Words that Pass

would that there be but one symbolic, functional word that could unlock all the connective tissue of our techno-being. But there are limits, rules, characters; not less than, not more than, must have, can not include... special memory questions. I have failed to define my favorite things to remember. I have failed to have favorites, goals, or a disciplined existence. Serendipity. Except when this failure stresses me to the brink of panic, I prefer the perception that connections come as a natural gift of pleasant, valuable, or useful discoveries by accident . similarly I envision the iconoclast not as a destroyer challenging traditional beliefs, customs, and values but a journey in restless pursuit of truth.... but then the alarm rings, and the day must continue one password at a time.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

lessons gathering dust - conference scribble revisited

By the time you start getting sick of a message - it will just be starting to take root!

  • Develop a walk-thru video showing your community access facility - show it often. (recommended 15 minutes max)

  • Create some live open mic 'townsquare soapbox' forums. Explore creative names and potentials for anonymity BEonTVNOW, SOUNDoff, (a station has lips that are activated by a caller - find a geek that can make this happen.) Promote with themes, have walk-in participants as well as call-in, timelimits may become critical components of program for fairness.

  • Expand Bulletin Board functions: add celebrations or job notices, programming, contests

  • Get your community's demographics: subs and non-subs. This is raw data for idenification of producers and audiences.

  • Have someone available to speak to groups about community access tv.

  • Sponsor a 'get to know your camera night'. (40% of families now have camcorders.)
I lost site of this post in process in Nov 2007. It is now March: Subsequently, the WPAA Community Building initiative has taken over my life. More on that can be found here:

transformation in technology

Stories can connect the world. The truth isl always beyond the next word or the 1st : Hello.

Ayoh, hallom, HELLo, the stories of this common, nearly universal and reflexive greeting "hello" are many, multi-faceted and often linked to the advent of faceless communication with technology. One storyteller shares the idea that a prankster's potentially irreverent humor can become a clever, simple and transforming change in the world. So 'hello' is my choice for starting a blog whose purpose is to gather ideas that give me pause, stir passion or have no perfect place to be.

whole be thou - an alternative version of the meaning of hello as a contraction of archaic english seems to hold a promise of transformation.

Hello visitor.