Sunday, November 25, 2007

lessons gathering dust - conference scribble revisited

By the time you start getting sick of a message - it will just be starting to take root!

  • Develop a walk-thru video showing your community access facility - show it often. (recommended 15 minutes max)

  • Create some live open mic 'townsquare soapbox' forums. Explore creative names and potentials for anonymity BEonTVNOW, SOUNDoff, (a station has lips that are activated by a caller - find a geek that can make this happen.) Promote with themes, have walk-in participants as well as call-in, timelimits may become critical components of program for fairness.

  • Expand Bulletin Board functions: add celebrations or job notices, programming, contests

  • Get your community's demographics: subs and non-subs. This is raw data for idenification of producers and audiences.

  • Have someone available to speak to groups about community access tv.

  • Sponsor a 'get to know your camera night'. (40% of families now have camcorders.)
I lost site of this post in process in Nov 2007. It is now March: Subsequently, the WPAA Community Building initiative has taken over my life. More on that can be found here:

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