Saturday, December 5, 2015

Finding the sparkle

I tried to welcome the potential of a new habit today that included, inclusion. Several hours have past yet I remain uncertain.

I did find many turns of phrase connected me to a faint inner light that I have been keeping distant. The poet community appears welcoming, the sharing not totally self-absorbed and an occasional stanza or poem was pregnant with discovery. Most of the work did not feel final but I could sense the revision in some , the striving, the quest for fulfillment and the pleasure of a good line.

Revised a decade after inception with more exacting references, the poem I shared seemed to reach for, and touch, a more visceral place than the others.  As the person owned by the words, the emotions and flow remained tangible. This pleased me.

I am drawn to narrative poems. The mix of metaphor and story that concludes with a better sense of knowing; a hope for timeless results - results that will sparkle in one's toes, mind and soul like a night sky contending with cloud cover.

Will gathering with others incentivize me or push me further away from what I know somewhere within is important for my being; I remain uncertain.

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