Monday, October 10, 2011

celebrating life..

Last evening I enjoyed the new NATGEO Series: Brain Games.  It was very informing.  It is truly amazing how much has been learned about brain function. I saw it as the beginning of the celebration:  of my, less than reliable lately, super computer essential to every waking thought and sensation. It was odd to be watching TV and have a voice say to you -- now close your eyes.  Tears did well up as I heard the comment ... that should have been much easier; as I was totally lost.

EEG and MRI were the adventures this past week.  Goo on the head.  I did go to sleep, presumably a good thing for the test that yields 200 pages of brain analysis.  I was told a ringtone story that was odd about beer & Mexico.  Have no idea why that meaningless info is still in recall mode.  The MRI was an exercise in breathe control, trying not to cough for nearly an hour; done to what was described to me as relaxing music -- which was totally awful music with occasional suggestive statements.  I wondered what would I choose as relaxing... but that day, nothing came to mind.  Just now, same question and  I recall the CD I have of Native American Music. I sometimes play it for the dogs and cats to chill out to, and me too.  It is called Red Sky, with flutes and gentle percussion and nature sounds -- it is a salute to sunsets.

This tangent thought reminds me of the smile I always quite literally feel when I play the CD by Kevin Briody: When No One's Watching. (You can buy it here.) These 2 CDs are adjacent on the shelf.  I bought a second copy for my step daughter's family. I also made a $100 contribution to NPR for a something very special in my youth (What it was I cannot recall.)  I am certain she never listened to it either.   I love the title song and Walnuts & Rice.  I think they are empowering in their simplicity.  He is sorta folk / country. I remember last Christmas I told my peers at work about this CD, the peers that were very dedicated to family that still had young children.  I hope they took action.  Maybe I will reconnect to remind them, and ask. When Josiah was doing the poetry tour as Dan Houston @2000 -- he opened for Kevin.  I should look into buying more CDs -- but the no job thing, needs to be sorted out 1st.

Both sons have called with B'day wishes. Doing projects with these two together is what has given me the most joy in recent years. The ribbons headlining this blog have been used to share B'day wishes with friends over the years. It was a photo taken by Heather for a school project. This weekend I was the Freeman Penny Quinn. The weekend included doing some artsy stuff with her which was also quite fun. She is clever. I like the lady she is becoming.

Anyway, I think this post should draw to a close as the interruptions have been numerous and my day needs to productivity.  Unfortunately, I have yet to consider blogging productive --probably erroneously.

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