Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cracked -- In My Timeline

I make this late blog entry, so it seems I am already behind in my 1st week of being 58. All in all it was a good start to another year.  My intent is to blog on Sunday.

Sunday was a full day. Travel to NYC consumed much of it. Classic Vinyl was the soundtrack. The roadways were busy. The weather was unexpectedly pleasant. The task at hand was video capture of the play Cracked Upon a Time written and directed by Josiah Houston. The performance was at TheaterLab. This was my second video capture of this play. This time the equipment was more reliable and the white vs. black box provided more suitable lighting for the unmanned cameras set to Automatic. There were other changes as well that made this particular theater experience more engaging than the last even as I tried to concentrate on camera transitions within the on-site quick edit.

I did find myself more familiar with my video capture toolkit but still far from comfortable in my knowledge. I am eager to get into post production and be lost in the macro-editing decisions. I know my quick edit with Tricaster Studio is good enough for community access but it will not be good enough for Piece Theatre.

Sunday was a good conclusion to a week that was diverse. I believe the encoding issues I have been plagued by since August have been resolved. I received notice that my Free Speech Week Video took 1st place in Documentary Event in the ACM-NE Video Festival. I finished a project for Seniors Have Dreams, Too and met Peter Yarrow (who had just come from Occupy Wall Street -video) and Hilton Valentine was among the event guests.  I got to work again with Paul Braccioforte on this project. I also spent 10 hours looking at the work of newbie bloggers and provided some feedback and maybe insight.  I look forward to doing this again as part of my media advocacy activities. I did my 1st Tweets.  Tried to keep up with all my newsletter mail new ones from AARP. I hope to spend some time here fine tuning my self throughout the year.

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