Monday, September 12, 2011

Today I subscribed to NYMAG and posted in 911 Collected Works What about the Movie: Severe Visibility by Paul Cross? This movie handles, in a profoundly compassionate way, the tensions felt by patriotic Americans that question the transparency of government.  Or maybe there is not room in the NY selection for patriots that share the sadness of loss, pride in responders and soldiers; but have doubts about the roots of terrorism.

Collected Works is a well done tribute collection.  Very honorable in it presentation; respectful within the selection of traditional media.

Saturday, my day was full of interruptions due to disclaimers and disassociations with the decision to guarantee the distribution of this movie in my community

I believe that if this type of FreeSpeech , speech thoughtfully rendered, is discredited;  then Free Speech will become just the parlance of 'whack-o' esque types -- that exercise their rights by name calling, ranting and self-promotion. 

If Free Speech is an excercise in defeat at the get; what does the future of democracy hold?

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