Friday, September 27, 2013

titles of words yet to be...among them reflect.connect.recover

The last time I thought to post, I was bubbling over with ideas yet to be evolved. I set aside a list of blog post titles of word things to come out of me someday. Today's energy is different, more complacent.  

As I await news other than "Unfortunately, we will not be able to consider you for this position at this time. Although your skills and qualifications are impressive, we have identified other candidates whose experience more closely fit the specifications of the position." from my best fit applications and all the hundreds, quite literally, of not quite so good prospects I do get other news that has impact.  

A community acquaintance with lots of shoulder-to-shoulder time shared; looses his wife unexpectedly. She was not old nor sick nor anything that would foreshadow. My mother-in-law has drawn her last breath. Relationships within the family have faltered and the symbols of same still loom with uncanny unease for week upon week. Resolution is now clearly seen as not the end; merely a step. Typically a big one.  Other family members are in pursuit of relocation but destinies remain unknown. Is house 25 the charm? All in all lots of waiting for the next shoe to drop with some bias wishes in the anticipated results and some pure: it will be what it will be. Very little of what I had years of experience with, influencing or designing for outcomes. 

Community stuff is percolating with a participant observer role morphing into lynch-pin contributor based on the request that "I do what I do".  The theme becomes reflect.connect.recover.  It is advise. It is method. It is bedrock for transformation.  It is a blip on my life's radar in which I try to infuse images with meaning or wrangle meaning out of words.

I am reminded today that we must learn how to persuade or evoke emotion because nearly everyone is creating.  Only a few are engaging others or changing what may need fixing.

Today I am asked if this work can join with others in a book of response writings. It will likely be under my legal name but it came from adele.

I have tasks calling out to me... so all for now.

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