Monday, September 30, 2013

The last cover letter I will write...

The experts and counselors tell you to tailor a letter for every job.  So when a job looked interesting, I did.  I have applied for hundreds of jobs, all of which I could have done and a few that might actually have been a good fit. The vastness of the applications processed was due to the conditions of unemployment compensation.  I believe for all those in which I got processed beyond acknowledging resume receipt (and there were a dozen) the better candidate was chosen. I actually enjoyed learning about each prospective job and getting most of my interviewers to smile, laugh or get a good take-away. It showed me that while on sabbatical I got back some of the self I lost in the intensity of my last decade of work. 

I actually did get what I thought was my dream job...but within 3 weeks severely broke my ankle and could not do the requisite 1.3 mile walk to client meetings. Ironically, I did this same type of work thousands of miles away from clients previously; but, culture does matter. And this experience provided lots of insight into this fact and helped be clarify my own expectations of a work environment that is conducive to success.

Each serious pursuit provided me with a take-away; be it a new connection or interesting new resources found while preparing for the interview. Many enabled me to improve the results of my Sabbatical Project. For example: Applying for an HRIS position prepared me for writing job descriptions.  A Congregational Admin process jump started improvements in the Social Media Campaign I needed to manage. A BIA job interview reminded me of the true nature of my breadth of experience. Etc. Etc.  I also got to see some people I remember fondly creating work results with, in their new work locations. 

Correct, Sabbatical Project means I never stopped working I just stopped being compensated monetarily for work. I did modify my hours (maybe not enough for good health outcomes) and I did have more satisfying people & content outcomes much of the time; but not always.

I am once again seriously seeking a day job that comes with pay & benefits. What I am looking for as the interviewee is the opportunity for an authentic experience, in which I am accountable, can push some of my personal boundaries and make a difference with an idea, conversation or infectious sense of commitment.

And today I took inventory of the process I have been engaged in for two years and discovered how I want to present myself for the next job regardless of what it is that I am applying for. So today I wrote my final cover letter. It will be used for all future job applications. If it resonates with those on the other side of the prospective table; then it signifies a good start for a potentially successful work relationship. I am deleting all other versions from my files today.  This is the letter that will get me a job if that is what is suppose to happen next.

To Talent Acquisition Team:
Within my substantive career as an analyst at WellPoint I was often sought out for new product initiatives. I provided business and system solution support for operations; and within large scale mergers and cross-functional projects supported data integrity, cost containment, user training and vendor integration outcomes.  I often found solutions by becoming familiar with the data, its uses and connections. My breadth of knowledge enabled me to support enrollment, provider services, web, and print as a Subject Matter Expert. I have experience in all aspects of SDLC. 

With early assignments I could easily assess the bottom-line return on my solutions. As the nature of the work changed with the complexity of the organization I was a key contributor in the delivery of reliable compliant results on-time and within budget.  Most recent accomplishments are best reflected in how my teams have valued my contributions.
Serving side by side with many stakeholders from patients to doctors, cable customers to legislators, ex-offenders to police, enrollees to data administrators, operations experts to system developers with peers either sitting in the next cubicle, working the night shift or off-shore and more recently a telephone call or interactive chat away in a telecommute position spanning four plus years; new and improved processes have succeeded in meeting the primary mission – serving the end user.

Most recently I have explored new technology platforms including video storytelling which compliments my interests in developing satisfying end user engagement. Understanding content, both qualitative and quantitative, is at the core of what I do ~ achieve solutions with teams committed to sustainable, engaging and responsive outcomes.
My business analysis acumen is uniquely augmented by my community experience. From the beginning there has been an underlying passion for evoking solutions for data, or with data, within a team environment that fosters collaboration and is driven by creating reliable, sustainable and responsive outcomes.  I look forward to assessing with you how I can contribute to teams with opening for someone with my experience, skills and expectations.

Kind Regards ...

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