Thursday, October 10, 2013

Unable to respond due to long running script....

The title of this blog was the LinkedIn error message I got this morning. The script revealed itself as the media mavens trying to backdoor connect my social media together. This connecting of connections is something I am not sure I want.  But if you are interested here is the message it pre-made for FB and Twitter.

Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn.

My FB participation is actually a necessity of work.  It was also a sanity valve as I had access to my spouse's to carry on the functions of my sabbatical project (which may become encore work if nothing pops soon.) Anyway, his constant contact with a part of what was to be our lives - depressed me.  Truth is: I felt much more sane and civil after a few weeks of disconnection from the narcissism and shallows.  But I found it in the balance of FB where it is less personal and mostly makes me (censored by self).

My social media: LinkedIn is truly a professional network.  Here I am connected with people that I have had solid work relations or with whom my seredipitious connections may be of value.  Some family is connected here too,  but not all; just those whose work I respect and value.

Twitter has been a means for me to keep abreast of media & news commentary.  My connections here initially started as about the work as I did not intend to ever join FB; and G+ is just not getting any real traction. I do not accept all invitations on any of the media.  For example I will not allow my FB to be infiltrated by those whose presense was removed by the spousal disconnect. 

Ironic words ... because so far that too has been far too real.

It is going to rain today.  Will I have the courage to breathe the cleansed air?

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