Monday, July 29, 2013

Serendipity Effect

We're wired to want to share information with other people.  From Science News  How the Brain Creates the 'Buzz' That Helps Ideas Spread

At the first encounter with content I begin thinking about how this can be interesting to other people. The consideration of connections, whom else might find something helpful, amusing or interesting; may always be there but it seems that I had a hyper sensitivity to connecting during each of my 1st semesters at college and my current re-wirement time.  I thought for sure I had already posted about my fascination with the 1978 BBC TV Documentary Series narrated by James Burke Connections which is what I consider my 1st true non-linear experience. Google enables a connection in seconds to what once took years, consideration and serendipity.  Turning connections into value is still the human dilemma and calling. It is the glue of learning, great artistry, and innovation.

Social media is intended to be a connection enabler. Today I experimented. I shared a photo that I thought would elicit responses: civic, sarcastic, or noble in anticipation of a solution that would have some permanence. An initial response from a group of approximately 2,500 was in 8 seconds and a direct response to the question posed with the photo. A few more direct answers.  Then a detail comment on the existing civic process that should already be in play. Then with 30 minutes an individual with Google in her toolkit took action and posted a status photo. Kudos abounded.  She (not me) was serving the community. I continued to engage in the conversation Liking some comments and the action itself but still questioning what the community solution could/should be.

So what is the lessons learned.  Members of the community with the inclination and financial bandwidth can become graffiti-grime fighters. Public Services may not even be aware of the cost effective cleaning alternative unless a person in the know sees the thread.  The life of a post is short. Virility is required. 

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