Monday, February 25, 2013

Interview Triggers Recall

Many years ago I was interviewed by the local Ma Bell Company. They gave me an assignment. I developed an elegant sampling model to assess strategic changes for telephone booth elimination. They were impressed but said -- I was not a good cultural fit. The company had deep pockets and would assign resources to monitor usage 24 x 7 for a sample of weeks to get the data needed. I could not agree more, that I was not a good fit. It turns out that neither research approach took into consideration “mobile phone development” which began that year. Adoption predictors and modeling could have been part of that research.

When I was a part-time bank teller in 1978, I was asked for ideas about how to improve customer service. My 1st experience as a business client. All the long time employees answered –add more part time tellers during peak periods – such as lunch time or Social Security Check Day. I said maybe we can manage the lines – I had read about Queuing Theory in my Research Methods class. A few months later the Bank (CBT) introduced the queued bank lines. At the time I did not know that process improvement would be in my future and how many ways I would participate in creating 'non-object' solutions.

These two stories can to mind after an interview today. I had not thought of either in some time.
I like to connect what appears to be random dots and create value and have fun doing & documenting it. I have been participating in Distance Learning on 2 fronts these past few weeks and my head is swimming with input that I have yet to fully digest, may never due to the sheer volume. One has 25,000 enrolled the other 40,000. It is the patterns I am seeing in the interaction that has my attention -- but my exposure has been random and I need to test my assumptions. What I do know is that both increased my interest in working with a small team with a shared vision to feed my 'being human' need for being part of something larger than self.

I have an artifact to create (class final assignment) so I will turn to that now...

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