Monday, February 11, 2013

Memories Are Fallible

When do you remember?  Is what is remembered what actually happenned?  Lately I have been pummeled by remembrances; depiction of incidents that others are using to characterize ... and it makes me wonder what presets & triggers are involved in memory...and how these presets align with the original occurances and can impact the eventual outcomes. 

I tend to be soft spoken ... but I can be engaged; and erupt.  99 % of the time soft spoken is obliterated by the 1% eruptions.  The nature of volcanoes - when the release happens all that is nearby changes. And they occur near "hot spots" and they do not occur randomly.  They are vents.  Vents have an essential purpose to release and freshen.  Sometimes freshening happens after many life cycles. 
If the 'hot spots' do not get addressed occurrences hardened in the memories that prevail - and unearthing will yield data that informs about the presets & triggers. An interesting finding about volcanoes is that people can be content with the ideas they have about what creates them - and remain uninformed.

It is the 1% characterization with a counterpoint of withdrawal , like a turtle, that encourages me to consider other landscapes for the creation of memories. If the presets aligned with the 99% of my experience; then maybe the vents will freshen.

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