Saturday, March 10, 2012

Readiness_and what I miss most

What I miss most from the world of work is teamwork.  The idea of colloboration, bringing different ideas and skills to the table to build or alter some process seems to be something that I truly enjoyed.  My more recent experiences were anticipated to be within teams; but in reality, it was more just do it and see if the reaction is adopt or critique.

Last night, I read the HEMAN, Man From Vermont poem outloud.  I was not alone.  The reading had impact for me and the other listener.  I realized that even in this project that I felt was mine alone to do, working with, or off some-else, was value-added.

So I am once again re-aligning my path.  Where there are not teams, nor team players -- I am walking away.  I will do this with the gifts of solid effort  and output of hundreds of hours of work nicely packaged.

Next_I will focus on removing the clutter. Maybe I will soon have a new teams to be inspired by as we work to create solutions. If not, then dormant projects will be sure to surface other opportunities.

What I am sure of is that I want to contribute to something larger than myself.  I need those contributions to mean more than better stock prices.  But right now -- I have an appointment so it is out the door to see if I can inspire a team to form to better serve its community with storytelling in a language that is not my own.

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