Monday, March 12, 2012

day with odd family moments...

Last week as I loaded ftc videos for play at WPAA.TV some on the topic of never occurred to me that my mom could be a victim because someone tried to leverage the unusual life of my son to confuse her ... but today it happenned.  And taxes, and credits were another distraction with unusual twists that truly had no relation except in the anxiety that was churned.

But the best part of the day was putting lots of paper in the office paper shredding pile because there was closure on tasks related to being retired from WellPoint effective 3.1.2012.  This decluttering goodness even superceded yesterday's purchase of a just for me item (seen here).  I had promised myself that if the results of my last hurrah project resulted in a good bonus, that I would actually buy myself something.  And the AIP check was in Saturday's mail and it was good (not good enough to cover overtime for the 65+ hour weeks for months and months... ) but enough to call it a win for the system I left behind.

So awkward ups and downs... and now back I go to decluttering.


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