Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Required to look for work - TBD

I work every day ... but currently not for pay. It has been enjoyable getting to learn new tools and handle the randomness that the world offers.

But I have been looking for a potential match of my experience and interests in the world of work; because it is a requirement and opportunity when you collect unemployment. I signed up today for a keyboarding class. As I tap these keys without skill I wonder if that can change. In 6th grade I was certain that typing was part of a larger plot to dehumanize us. And since we still were experiencing Cold War Civil Preparedness -- I assumed it had Cold War influences. Today preparedness has a different dimension ...and I just feel it is a personal inadequacy to connect my brain to my fingers that is at play. Anyway ... the no cost opportunity presented itself and I signed up. Now I must survive basic calendar skills and remember to go and become acquanted with moodle as well.

I also reconnected with the idea of tying all this new media experience and business analysis together to be an e-learning developer. Ironically, as I thought that this was indeed the path I was setting upon I reviewed a BA position referred to me but found a lower paying but much more interesting opportunity to apply to called Instructional Technologist at the same non-profit organization. For me this is conceptually a match -- but I must still be found by them and processed. I am excited about the prospect; but oddly even more excited about the potential of position to do work similar to what I have done in healthcare.  But in all these cases others must agree that there is a match. 

I am using this life requirement as an opportunity...which I think is my nature. The Instructional technologies position, lead me to reviewing the companies employees on LinkedIN which connected me to an e-learning Guild Group.  While it does require sifting thru all the self-promotion, it is exposure to a community of developers, their tools, where open courseware is being developed etc.  It reminded me that there is a world of good free distance learning available at MIT  
I have been getting nearly daily emails or calls(sometimes multiple inquiries per day) from my publically posted Resume. Very few are located within a distance I feel it is safe for me to drive. 4 years telecommuting has had its effects. I am generally less comfortable driving. In a few weeks I will post again and maybe then I will actually be typing, or at least learning to. TBD 2.1.12
The Typing Tutorial software and Forms Design both arrived.  I installed the forms design software, a choice not surprising to me.  Anyway, another opportunity was discovered today which ties into the randomness of yesterday's best momments.  In addition to proudly watching the MiddleSchool Video Speeches I was very gratified to see the top 2 videos in the High School Broadcast Journalism Project (HSBJ) REALLY PSA contest. (winners here)  2.7.12

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Susan Adele Huizenga said...

2 positions have my attention. I could thrive in either. I am eager to see where this journey takes me. One is the path taken and financially trending upward. The other is the road not taken which could now be taken wisely.