Sunday, January 29, 2012

Too many MEs

When the cloud world merges you -- it can be so confusing. Originally my silos were to help process different types of tasks and associations and to stay safe (There is a backstory with guns, and deaths and threats currently locked away).  Now my multiple identities trip me up more than they help. But the web is there figuratively and literally with its need for keys  (passwords that insist on caps, letters & characters...when i prefer to use all lower case). Ugh. 

I have not kept up with the wonders of the random distractions of each day.  The discussion of conspicuous consumption (a.k.a. Prius effect), the betterthinking video that really just needed audio, the tweets of Colbert or the walks that farting dogs give notice about -- missing.
I tried to make something of this distraction -- pictures of the Amistad statue in New Haven - but I really did not transform it in any way. 

Here are the letters that my fingers are slowly building a relation ship with.
fasde  jkl;i  ddddd this finger is most challenged.  I quess it has not had enough reason to be used to have a natural flow form brain to hand. Anyway i am looking forward to the mavis Beacon typing lessons software.  Hopefully $15 well spent.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I drift into sleep
like plankton - slowly sinking.
Unafraid of ocean depths
where the sun's spears
fail to strike,
and darkness collects
like countless midnights in a jug.
Submitting to silence, seamlessly
claiming the calm.
Awaiting the nightly visit
from my image of you.
Hands held at the hips
fingers slightly spread;
anticipating the gentle grasp
of your trepid touch.
Remembering lips
like a freshly cut fig,
that trembled and taught
within the same breath.
I trace the outline of a memory
that never took place.
Swimming in slumber,
as my mouth sweetly presses.
Circling your naval--
As if I was traversing
the wetness of the world2.