Saturday, February 27, 2016


Edgerton Park, New Haven, Oct. 1992 (a true story)

Man in the park
shares a bench, feels a breeze, hugs
the landscape.
the sun, warm.
~ the companion fine and fair.

birds whistle, small creatures
are watchful

Man in the park
approaches a bench, feels the heat, hugs
the high hedge.
the sun, light.
~ the companion far too fair.

birds take flight, small creatures
are watchful

Men in the park
embrace, dust clouds the sky, hugs
at the ground
the sun, burns.
~ the companion ashen in despair.

birds caw, small creatures
are watchful 

~ the park.
A bench. No breeze relieves the heat, hugs
through a gun --
the sun, blisters. 
~ the companion, innocent dare.

birds migrate, small creatures
are watchful

Each season returns
the park to the man.

Decipher: A white man buys a gun to use when he comes upon the unacceptable. In a city park enclosed with very high hedges that he has chosen to make his home he comes upon a man of a different color talking to a women he would consider pursuing as his own. He clears the way for his intentions with a gun shot to the other man's stomach. He gets 30 years behind bars. The other maintains a fragile, distant inter-racial friendship because he survives the surgery. Both friends have 'a day in the park' PTSD. 

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