Saturday, February 27, 2016

Being Better than we use to be

Ironically found this note written in 2005 to a family member; it could have been written this month to a different family member. 

This is not judgement it is merely identification of the realities of relations at home.

Deception/ Disrespect/Disregard
-         so impersonal that we suggest family meetings
-         plan to save, but lifestyle of spend
-         secrecy
-         intentional distractions, misrepresentation 
-         filth
-         insertion of your being into time and space with ‘me’ attitude
-         intentional disregard of request that are made for everyone’s health & safety
-        debt calls – unmanaged thereby causing others to be bombarded by them
-         blame for things in your control

Two years of underwriting saving you rent & utility and helping with vehicles all we got was a Hot Tub that cost us maintenance & upkeep for a decade thereafter and Hot Attitude. 

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