Sunday, April 8, 2012

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I thought of the word lunARTics for one purpose and googled it to find another: LUNARtics  which also had creatures and fine art but a wholly different, delightful feel. I saw the infomercial about and then proceeded to have the most restLESS sleep I have had in month - the power of suggestion. I self talked that I would not log on to the PC today --- I then dismissed the chat. I did the same about riding the stationery bicycle during CBS SUNDAY Morning. That new theory that the Shroud of Turin may be authentic but the "resurrection" an anomoly of the shroud, was interestingly plausible story.  I did read the local paper including this cartoon .

I was looking forward sharing a piece of work - in part to validate my current state of reinvention - but that is on hold maybe indefinitely so there is no link to it here. 

I have lost so many random but seemingly connected thoughts by delaying to login.  Instead I have made DAL with Beet Juice from the local Winter CSA beets and the mint in abundance in my Areogarden. At the momment, there is no one to share this delight with. I can not add a link for you to taste it but I will attest to its goodness, sweeter than any I have had before.  No Pic either because you know what DAL looks like and that rarely can be made into a pretty pic.

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