Sunday, October 11, 2009

wisdom quotes - I do read the tea tags

Many weeks ago this tea bag tag Mark Twain quote
The worst loneliness is not to be comfortable with yourself.
did not make it into my trash. It was reminder of my intent to visit his CT home. It has become more. I found the tea-less tag again today. Ironically I also found that it spoke truth about loss of a most genuine young person whose discomfort overcame him on Oct. 3rd.

A wise friend eulogized this life as --- an anomaly. The christian burial process of this non-believer similarly provided a hyper-view of how anomalies of existence contributed to discomfort.

The eulogy continued: He was genuine. Do not underestimate the interminable value of such a quality. It made his words drip with honesty, his gestures bleed sincerity, his compassion captivate with clarity, and his life – touch every person who found themselves fortunate enough to cross its path. He was a good man. Let me repeat this statement, for it seems to necessitate an extraordinary emphasis. He was a good man. In these lives we lead, such men are as rare to find as they are difficult to lose.

Being genuine is often a lonely road. I agree with this characterization. As hundreds of young acquaintances and some true friends mingled among disarmed friends-of-family to pay respects or say farewell... another anomaly played out and spoke to the dissonance that created such profound sadness and ultimately, loneliness. However, I am left to wonder if good humor was also a mask on this soul, and sadness the ultimate poison. Believing that masks do not just hide but often provide a layer of understanding, I wonder: if temptation to give-in to pain can be replaced in others because they touched this profound loss.

Today at the LGTB Rally [National Equality March] many lay claim to the temptation of life taking in the face failure to be accepted and the possibility of equality. To all those attending and knowing such a pain -- may they find strength in the self-knowing as exemplified by Lt. Dan Choi. May those who feel the pain of distance from family for any reason - may you find a larger human family to connect every day - not just at this rally.

I am grateful that a trip to the theater helped me know the story of Matt Shepard and I am encouraged as a mother that as of 10.08.09 the nation is one step away from a better union with a conference report on the Matthew Shepard Act before the Senate with the real potential to become law.

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At age 10 I decide that I wanted to have a published quote in Reader's Digest. Today there are 4242 pages of Quotes published on-line. They are categorized as Wit & Wisdom.

The connection to this goal that remains today is my attraction to twitter-sized wisdom, the immediate go-to the quotes when I come across an RD magazine in my mailbox or in a waiting room and the desire to find wisdom within my own experience.

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