Wednesday, August 6, 2008

WOW, surge and buzz

It rained very intensely a few times today. The air feels so much better now that my brief walk with Jake was truly enjoyable. I connected with a few neighbors. Rare to find others out during these walks. It made for a nice break in the day.

I did not connect with the Internet, TV or radio directly today. I did share with others, an excerpt from a note to me, I titled proud tears. The extended audience shared vicariously as I had a WOW response. WOW has such different meaning in the parlance of our teens. Many loose hours of their life in WOW space. But the gut reaction WOW is what I received and shared. Getting inspired sharing gives me an energy surge. Surge, now there is a term becoming well worn: military, economic and radio. Now this place WHERE NEW ARTISTS SURGE TO STARDOM was somewhat new to me, and it is currently NOT surging. But I enjoyed these pics and may send thus one along to add to the collection. I look forward to seeing the caption if they continue to be monitored. Captions suggestions are welcome in coments..


Chris Gray said...

Posted on the anniversary of Hiroshima, I imagine a similar sign on a car showing an atom bomb, with the same slogan, on a Pakistani highway.

It reminds me, also, of when I designed a poster that said, "Stop Child Abuse...Arm The Kids!" and which showed a young girl craddling a weapon such as the one on the sign. People did not like that one.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time ago was a flourishing metropolis of a wide variety of things. The focus was mainly on the radio station Surge Radio (which was both a pirate radio station on 96.3 & 102.1 here in Lancaster, CA as well as an internet radio station).
If you go to wikipedia and type in Surge Radio you can learn about the long history of Surge and what happened.