Saturday, February 23, 2008

Memory Lane - Immediacy of Now

I was asked, do you remember “Loving You” with the phenomenal high pitched C’s and chirping birds by Minnie Ripperton? And was informed that she also recorded “Walk Down Memory Lane” and died much, much too early in life at 31. The memories recalled which had prompted this inquiry were about spontaneity and discovery and traveling less traveled roads. I did not remember the Ripperton song because the music of that period of my life was controlled by others but I was prompted to its discovery now. And it was immediately special.

Memory and its failures and pleasures was part of the rational for this blog. That very same day the quote 'the fierce urgency of now' was captured in scribble. And the week included distractions of the hear via NPR like happiness research. The biggest distractions however, are the community committments....back to them I go.

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