Sunday, February 24, 2008

lost & found about finding and loosing connections

(the drag of days -drafted on MLK day and reflecting back to 12.28.07)

I am living in an overwhelmed state of being with ‘must be done’ defined by an external locus of control.

This blog was undertaken, in part, to determine if I have the desire and capacity to engage in discovery and discourse? To put another way, Do I have the ability to independently think and reason and if so, does it or can it matter to achieving a fulfillment in life? I am attracted to, and want to, understand and contribute to the ideals of an ‘open society’. But am I failing at this for so it seems. Or is it that failing is a fatal flaw in the construct of community engagement and consensus? How can glogal and local citizenship and arts and ideas and family matters and living healthy be made unworkable in the day to day?

I have been distracted in very brief moments by the presentations of Ayaan Hirsiali and Irshad Manji, both impressive young women (CSPAN2). The presentations made me wanted time in my life to read Infidels and the Trouble with Islam, respectively and to feel worthy of discourse with such nimble and noble minds. I was hearing that a missing skill set of our time is as follows: debate, decent, revise, reform.

I was in immediate agreement and pleased to hear the roots of Islam connected to inspire-innovate-create. But the telephone rang and my Diversity Day (MLK) was interrupted/derailed by the external locus of control.

Other distractions that got into my random scribble is about the theme American Angels. A local Peter Gardella (Hamden, CT) with the theme useful spirits in a material world ironically tied to a purchase I made during the holidays to support my imagination and a local artist. It is a large sun made of waste wood from formation of Angel wings for other art pieces. I refer to it as a deconstructed Angel.

I was forwarded an email string on puzzling (and art that inspired: This individuals compelling distraction found a place in the world of advertising. Magical, alluring and uncanny. My reaction was to understand the pictures in the string and inform about their roots. I always seem to want context even after being compelled to different zones by art.

Instinct , the nature of humanness, or peculiar to a personality type: too much to explore now as my day is being stolen by the day job once again. Connecting to that moment go here: Literally Finger Painting way cool in the moment of contact ---this link gives you more info about the artist and it is easier to send along to others...

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