Saturday, August 1, 2015

Slight chance of rain

I press my brow deep into hide 
                 & seek, eyes closed.

The yesterdays      whisper
        s o m e thing  of
                                 me. Of then, before, when
whiffs of wet dog, damp diapers, moon light 
               slivers, cracks                   in clouds

ME-more me.

Who did you say was coming? 

Tomorrow           slight chance of rain. 
Take my umbrella. Jump the puddles. 
          Take care not to get 
                             washed away,   gone.
        welcomes crickets & katydids
        sounds full, the possible   chance.
                              Any. You can
                              come back.

Tomorrow. Yes, I think I would like that.
                     Come.  See.  Me. 
                     slight chance            tears
puddles, will hold the reflection.

Note: Wallingford Public Library workshop lead by Lori Desanti. Prompt writing: use a memory.

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