Sunday, October 26, 2014

Finding Self: Eradicating So

Reexamination of various text has been replete with removal of "so".  The edits have made the text more clear because it has forced me to know better what I had to express. I have not been sorting out the real weeds in my thoughts here.

Yesterday my house was full of strangers and my dog handled it better than I. I did worry that he would respond to a sudden movement, or come to realize it was his ball being passed among little people. I tried to ensure that he would not do something that brought on tears and blood and insurance premium increases because he was undeclared. This was not my family and I sensed a hostility from one that gave me concern  Things could tumble. I gave up an engagement with art for disengagement in my house. I did not effervesce because I did not feel it.

I was about to type "so" and thus I conclude: It was not the best of days. I left much unsaid because the piano had dust, the room had a chill and the preparation was both over and under the top.

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