Thursday, May 9, 2013

it did not rain as much as expected and vacations

It does not take much rain to infuse much change but the pollen still seems to be winning in the outdoor air; so the change that comes may not be the change desired.

Tuesday was a lovely day as weather goes. I decided on Monday to make it a vacation day as I had no commitments to others calendared and it seemed like my partner was free as well.  But the day trip I had in mind was not an option so it became just a saturday-like day getting chores done.  I was okay with this as these have often been our best times together but it still fell short of a get-a-way day. It was nice but truly a concession to the expectation of vacation.  

I am getting a bit obsessive about this idea of vacation. What is a vacation for me? What is it that I should set aside or be released from and aspire to do? Are the hours/days recently spent on reading other than work-related topics - vacations, or should the set-aside time for reading be balance. Do people in dire poverty get vacations?  Is it luxury, or is it a need?  Cultures treat vacations differently: last year I was reminded of this when special programming gotten at the TV station was suspended for 11 weeks.  It comes from Germany.  It was suspended because vacations are the norm.

In some ways many of the tasks I do related to my community service job are things I did on vacations from my prior daily bread job.  On these days I suspend my connection to maintenance tasks and explore ideas and images and connections --- but of late all this is entangled in technology snags so it is not to get-awayish. And now much of this exploration is linked to maintenance of the community Service projects. Irony maybe.

Museums, even libraries, are vacations places for me. A bonus would be a stop for food that I do not make and maybe could not make because of rare ingredients or skills to prepare. But food is best shared over conversation.  What do I talk about? Would it be different on a vacation?

Yes I could enjoy a day at a lake or even a trip to another place but there is not enough bandwidth in my checkbook or relations. And then I can limit any plan with the question; Who would take care of Jake and the cats? It is not like I could rely on nearby family or associates for this.  

The next time it rains I hope I can suspend what I am doing and just walk in it as I did as a child. Next vacation is now planned but it is very likely I will be sharing this time with Jake and he does not like to get wet so it will be a short walk.

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