Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What is the Future

Reminds me of the question on Middle School blog -- where will you be in 25 years, identify three outcomes. It is all relative.  25 years was identified because it was conderably after the future they considered.. going to or graduating from High School.  Nearly all identified the classic married with kids scenarios circa the '50s.  Most projected the teacher continuing to be kool and happier at what he does..teach out-side of the box. A few anticipated being successful

I reflect that my future has been and remains tied to the futures of my children.  I just consulted with them indicating that if I continue in this vein of planning I can leverage my assets for the good of all. However, if my future is defined based on prioritizing me only the outcomes will be different.


adelehouston said...

More about the Middle School Blog experience can be found here:

Anonymous said...

think it can't get any worse
it does
ya have a way about ya
like a born dancer
cursed with
not a lick or rythmn
imagine a guitar player
flailng about
hoping to find
the beat
then there's you
and yer fucking desktop
one can only hope
that like
your mug shot
you grimace
but then you
bring so much
weight to bear on these matters
the thighs alone are massive
crushing evolutions of long
consumed memories
which you engorged yerself
step up to the mirror
and take it all in girl
thats all you
ya mama was an enormity
ya daddy was a ball of blubber
and ya has finally
do bloggers ever diet
its all in good fun
heaving sweating voluptuous gaggles of
robust folds of fleshy language
you all doubled up
and each syllable
pumped out of yer
there is so much of yer
so thanks
for sharing
time to mop up boys
she's exhausting
she's a whole lot of love
she's a whole lot of love
she's a whole lot of love
she's a whole lot of love
she's a whole lot o