Tuesday, June 2, 2009

--time to catch up Highlights only

Well Mom's Day was a day that the family came together has a gift to me. I asked them to explore an idea that involved each of their talents and our dog Jake. It was fun and next month I will be able to share more.

Dan and Cliff have been working together. I really enjoy watching them feed off each other in creation mode. More about that here: http://www.royalpyngwyn.com/

Charley is gardening. Yesterday, I had a salad with everything grown at home: herbs, spinach, lettuce, and tomatoes. Very nice. On earth day we got a compost bin at a town sponsored event. I attended the event as Freeman Penny Quinn, 1st.

Curt and I made a quick trip to Burlington for ACM and to pick-up 1,000 lbs of limestone from the quarry. We earned that both Apricot and Plum trees can be grown here in the No East -- so we now have a mini orchard at home as well.

The kitchen has been totally deconstructed. The kitchen update has been 10 years coming. In about a week it should be realized.

I really need to do this with the correct glasses on since typing is not a skill.

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