Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Winning, watching and value…

I need to execute a plan. Decide upon a day. Make a call. Then Experience.

I have had good fortune, as a listener to WSHU Public Radio, to be among those soon to be watching the world premiere of "A Civil War Christmas: An American Musical Celebration," written by Paula Vogel The new play opens at Long Wharf Theatre in New Haven this week. And as it is with plays, the story will come to life with set design, direction and acting of a team of players and music as this is a musical. Maybe it will be the birthing of a classic as is the aspiration; or another view of the man Lincoln and his inspirations. Whatever the outcome, I feel blessed to have won tickets. I do regret is that my closest family is on the other side of the world and will not be by my side.

My public access channel is showing a caterpillar feast in incredible close view with an informed narrative. Music is signaling transition to… not very much at all…but it did get my attention. Viewer discretion is advised for this 13 minute nature documentary because the production contains images of ants attacking a live larvae. The Ant Tiny Predator.

I am continually amazed by the products available for consumption via 1st amendment expression and my advocacy for this local channel.

A recent reoccurring thought is that Americans are blessed to have a people willing to work in public service positions. I find the voices in my head giving thanks when pundits hurl criticism at those serving. There is an odd hope that these voices in my head will mysteriously join good karma.

Very special people find an effective merger of the needs of others with the needs of self. And then there are heroes, selflessly committed brave souls who act and inspire. I believe that Hillary Clinton is not on a personal trajectory to the White House. I believe she is committed to walking her talk and that she is aware that the journey is not a prescript. I believe the president-elect is similarly pre-disposed to ‘make a difference’ not just ‘make a mark’ in time.

One of my favorite pontificators described our current economic situation as ‘gnarly’ on Today’s Politics, Burgers and Beer hosted by Faith Middleton on WNPR. The program is promoted as debate, opinion and informed conversation; so is pontificate a fair description Yes, it may be a bit harsh but sometimes the self-regard seems to invite a pin prick.

Building teams and plans in a fish bowel is not an enviable position in which to be. I am fatigued by the negative energy. What can we contribute to the conversation, positively. Like Open Source contributed…partnering, innovating, sharing .. adding VALUE.

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